Monday, July 5, 2010

Mt. Emily Blues Fest: Tourney Recap

Thanks to all of those folks who participated in this past weekend's tournament. The setting on Mt. Emily was great - the connection to the blues festival made the event a great all around way to spend a night and day. The tourney was a random draw doubles (by division). 18 holes were set up in and around the deep wooded areas of Mt. Emily just outside of La Grande, OR. There were about 40 players in all. Ashley Walker and Elizabeth Shaw took home the gold for the women's division, Derek Irwin and David Shaw took the gold for masters, and Christopher Jennings and Alex Watson took the win for Men's. Thanks everyone for playing and continuing to support the growth of Disc Golf in La Grande.

Trent Bray had some fun with his lighted disc at night and have posted some cool pics , as well as a very stoic promo for DiscInfinity - (Trent made me mention that the set of chains weighs 70 lbs. :)


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  2. I can donate a couple of discs for your next event in exchange for a link to my store on your web site. Our disc golf club is hosting the 2010 Disc Golf Pro World Championships at Lemon Lake just outside Chicago. Check out info and video of the 4 courses in Lemon Lake in my store 'Disc Golf Fly Mart'.

    Bart 'Channel Z' Zandstra