Sunday, July 12, 2009

Long - Putt Winners. A successful event.

Crazy days was a hit in downtown La Grande this year. Amongst the farmer's market, street vendors, bike rodeo, 3 on 3 basketball tourney, a kid's motorized pig-train-thingy, and much much more CRAZY good times, sat our corner at Depot and Adams. The intersection was filled with a flat bed trailer stage on which "SUM PEOPLE" played the heck out of some "SUBLIME", Mt. Emily Ale House chain-linked some space and started pouring beer on the streets, and on the backside of the beer garden set HOLE 1.

Trent Bray at DiscInfinity supplied us with a basket, red cones, and a box full of minis, discs, and starter Innovia bags. Thanks Trent. Kids tee was about 12 ft out, women's about 45 ft, and men's tee sat 65 ft from the pin - spanning Depot Street, alley to alley. We had a nice little turn-out and some very determined participants.

Overall the contest had 3 disc winners. Phil Wasley sank one on his 3rd of 6 throws, Dan (most recent winner of the last Eastern Student Entertainment Tournament at EOU) sank his first practice toss but then went 10 for 11. The 12th throw got him a new putt/approach disc. Start Aviar I think. The 3rd winner rolled up with his long-board and dog and tossed me five - I tossed him six and I believe he hit it on his 4th. By that time the beer garden had taken its toll on me and I do not remember his name... I have it though... somewhere - and I am sure we will be seeing on the campus course.

Thanks for the support everyone!

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