Thursday, July 9, 2009

Michael Bettis: ACED hole 4 - EOU Campus

A quick jaunt to the Eastern Oregon University Frisbee golf course (in between work and home) I caught up with Bettis and Ashley after my first nine. We came upon 4 (EOU recently started some project which resulted in a large fenced area, covered in pavement, with large metal storage sheds and a bunch of additionally ugly obstacles.) My throw had a unique bounce off of the storage shed and back over the fence for a decent birdie look... I thought that was cool... then Bettis got up and put me to shame... we all heard the harmonic PLING as it left its hand - and we all watched as it rode the perfect line and crash-smacked into the pin. It was sweet. Lots of witnesses too - which makes it cooler. wish I had a pic... but use your imagination.
Good work Michael... you have made it to the ACE CLUB!

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